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18 Reasons to Start Snacking More

In celebration of the FITCRUNCH Peanut Butter bars being at BJ’s Wholesale Club in an 18 pack, we put together 18 reasons why you should give it a try and start snacking more. 


  1. Just 190 Calories
    Your “snacks” are not meals, so it’s important to keep your snacks under 300 calories to avoid having a surplus of calories for the average person that exercises a few times a week. If you’re in the gym everyday killing it, then you’re burning those extra calories and can afford calorie dense snacks.
  1. Whey Protein
    Don’t let protein scare you, let it motivate you. Our bars are made out of Whey protein. Whey is the best protein to help regulate body weight, increase muscle mass, and promote one’s health. Due to its amino acid profile it is high quality and easily digestible. (Source:
  1. 3g Sugar
    Stop fighting with your scale and start pushing away those sugars. Believe it or not sugar is a leading contributor to obesity in both children and adults. One of the most important things you can do if you need to lose weight is to significantly cut back on sugar consumption. (Source:
  1. Gluten Free
    With a recent increase in people being diagnosed with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity we produce products that allow those individuals to experience what good protein taste like. For those who have gluten intolerance food that is gluten free offers a variety of health benefits; such as improving cholesterol levels, promoting digestive health, and increasing energy levels. (Source:
  1. Protein Bars Are Portable Nutrition
    Being that most individuals are always on the go; having portable nutrition helps get through the day without fighting hunger. Having several on the go snacks a day also helps banish that post meal sleepiness that comes from consuming too many calories at one sitting. If you include protein in your snack, you’ll drive an extra mental boost. (Source:
  1. Chef Created
    Our products are created by Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine. You no longer need to fight that chemical protein taste. When it comes to FITCRUNCH we make sure our products consist of an unmatched taste that will only keep you wanting more.
  1. World’s Only 6 Layer Baked Bar
    You won’t be able to find a 6-layer bar anywhere else. Our bars consist of 6 delicious layers that delivers a unique combinations of soft cookie dough and crunchiness. Put down those simple flavored bars and try out a bar that has more than just a great taste.
  1. Craving Curbing Chocolate
    For all you chocoholics out there, put down the Hershey’s chocolate bar and curb your cravings with a FITCRUNCH bar. Our bars are coated with protein-infused chocolate that provides you with a healthier alternate while meeting your satisfaction.
  1. Benefits of Peanuts
    Not only do peanuts taste good, they are also rich in protein, fat, and various healthy nutrients. Studies show that peanuts may be useful for weight loss, and are linked to reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Now that you know the pros of peanuts be sure to try our Chocolate Peanut Butter bar at BJ’s Wholesale Club today! (Source:
  1. Baked
    Being that one of the best ways to lower fat consumption is to switch to baked goods, we made sure our protein bars start out with a soft baked cookie core. Not only is this core providing a satisfying taste, but it is also helping benefit yours! (Source:


  1. The Crunchy Bite
    FITCRUNCH would not be the same without that crunchy bite. Every FITCRUNCH bar has a layer of crunchy protein crisps that that will have you enjoying every bite. If you are one who enjoys anything with a crunch FITCRUNCH will be your new go to.
  1. Price
    There’s nothing better than a low price and high quality. Our products can be easily found at BJ’s Wholesale Club, our website, and Keep an eye out on our social media for exclusive giveaways and promotion codes.
  1. Snacking Stimulates Metabolism
    Boost your metabolism by becoming a snacker. Every time you consume healthy snacks between balanced meals you are supplying your body with what it needs to burn calories. Pick up some FITCRUNCH bars, consume the quality protein, and snack away to a healthy metabolism. (Source:
  1. Protein Bars are a GREAT Backup
    Need back up? We got you covered! A simple toss of our bars in your purse, gym bag, desk draw, etc. will keep you prepared and result to nothing but satisfaction. FITCRUNCH bars are the perfect on the go snack, and our quality protein leads you to get the proper nutrition needed throughout the day.
  1. Candy Bar Satisfaction
    Why pick up a candy bar when you can pick up a protein bar and get the same satisfying taste? FITCRUNCH’s new Chocolate Peanut Butter snack size protein bar is the better alternate to all you candy lovers. The chocolate, crunch, and peanut butter filling tastes so good, picking up a candy bar will no longer be a choice.
  1. Convenient Snack for Any Occurrence
    Our protein bars are the perfect snack for any lifestyle. Being on the go, running late, or even just wanting something quick and satisfying FITCRUNCH snack size bars are all you need. They provide nutrition, delicious flavor, and are the perfect size you can eat fast and fit anywhere.
  1. Brain Food Makes You More Educated 
    Believe it or not snacking with protein bars will fuel your brain. Better educated parents spend more time eating and snack more frequently. Constant snacking increases energy to the brain and give you the ability to focus more. (Source:
  1. Sustains Energy Levels
    You can start to feel tired if your blood sugar levels get too low. Snacks can prevent your blood sugar levels from dropping too much between meals. High-fiber and high-protein snacks, such as our bars are slow to digest so your blood sugar levels do not fluctuate much. (Source:

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