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4 Healthy Snacking Hacks

4 Healthy Snacking Hacks

Why is healthy snacking so important? Well, it’s important for quite a few reasons… it prevents you from overeating, keeps you in check with your nutrition goals, regulates your blood levels and provides nutrients that fuel your body throughout the day.

Protein-filled snacks are the best to get in; especially when you’re on the go 24-7 like many of us are. A good rule of thumb is to consume dietary protein every 2-3 hours. Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts fulfill their daily protein requirements by eating 3-4 meals and 1-2 high-protein snacks.

It’s all about planning ahead and getting your priorities in check. Try incorporating these 4 Healthy Snacking Hacks into your daily routine and you’ll be sure to stay on track with your fitness goals.

4 Healthy Snacking Hacks

  • Stash non-perishable snacks in purse, gym bag, car, and work
  • Pack perishable snacks in Ziploc bags or small plastic containers, with an ice pack or in a cooler
  • Always bring 1-2 more snacks than you’ll think you’ll need
  • Never be left without a healthy snack on hand, or you’ll likely choose something unhealthy when hunger hits

If you love the taste of FITCRUNCH bars, keep a stash of them on hand for delicious snacking. Try the new snack sizes bars and get the classic candy bar combination of rich peanut butter and chocolate and stop cravings in their tracks, all while getting 16g of protein and only 3g of sugar in a satisfying 190-calorie snack.

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