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5 Outdoor Workout Spots You Never Thought Of

5 Outdoor Workout Spots You Never Thought Of

There is something to getting outside and taking in the fresh air that livens up a workout, and consequently, a day. Knocking away the walls of your gym, metaphorically of course, can boost your progress and your mood simultaneously. So, let’s get out there and use these next five ways to increase your fitness, freshen up your view, and free yourself from your normal routine.

  1. Local High School Track or Football Field

Sprints are the secret sauce to a well-defined body. The human body is designed to run as fast as it possibly can as a survival mechanism for a short period of time. This functions as awesome an mechanism to ramp up calorie burning and increase the fat-furnace in our bodies.

Running a series of 100s, 200s, or even a few 800s on the track is a test of your fitness and willpower equally. If the track can’t be used – take it to the football field and run forty, sixty, and one hundred yard dashes. You may even find tackle sleds, tires, or other implements to drag, flip, and force down the field!

If you can’t sprint due to injury or current fitness do not worry – a long run or a good walk can change your body too.

  1. The Beach

Everything is harder in the sand. The inability to create perfect contact with the ground trains every muscle of the foot, ankle, calf, thigh, and hips. The need to deal with a constantly shifting surface below you forces the core muscles to have work overtime to keep you stable and upright.

Take a towel, a pair of dumbbells and your body down to your local beach and aim to do 3 to 5 exercises followed by a pair of forty-yard sprints. Repeat this a few times with new exercises and you’ll soon realize why the beach is much more than a place to relax and party!

  1. Outdoor Swimming Pool

Swimming is one of the best cardiovascular workouts in addition to removing the stress of impact during exercise. The joints are not under normal load, and yet the body is still working hard. It is a great challenge on a recovery day.

However, don’t trap yourself into thinking that you can only swim in a swimming pool. Sprints against fluid resistance as well rounds of shadow boxing can push the heart rate up and boost caloric expenditure. Using a paddle-board or beach ball can make basic exercises such as a chest press, rows, or even curls possible against the resistance of the water.

  1. Steps

Taking fitness up a notch sometimes means taking it up in elevation too. Finding a local set of stairs at a park or a stadium can provide great interval training to the body. All you need is yourself and the willpower to keep driving your knees and planting your feet. Running series of sprints that end with a walk back down can lend itself to a perfect work to rest ratio.

  1. Local Playground and Park

A park is full of options. Everything from the trees to the benches, the swing set and the monkey bars is in play. Pull ups, pushups, squats and sprints are all a possibility when you have the openness of a park within your grasp.

This doesn’t have to be a solo adventure either if you have children. Knock out some pullups as you follow your child through the monkey bars, or hit a squat every time you push them away from you on the swing. Everything can be fitness if you open your mind to it.