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5 Reasons to Workout as a Couple

Whether your goal is to get back in shape or to run a marathon having a partner to go through the process with you has numerous benefits. Should you get a trainer or maybe a friend to go through this journey with you? That may work, but before you start your search for a workout partner did you ever think about looking no further than your significant other? Your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend can be the best workout partner you could ever ask for. In fact social psychologists have proven in multiple studies that people who workout in the presence of their partners have a higher performance rate. So just being in the presence of your partner may be the spark you need to ignite a great workout! Here are 5 additional reasons you may want to make your “better half” a workout partner and become the Ultimate Fit Couple.

1. Guilt Free Schedule: Let’s face it we all live busy lives and our schedules can be hectic. Getting in a good workout can be extremely challenging. Scheduling your daily workouts together will leave you guilt free. You no longer have to feel guilty about heading to the gym on your limited schedule. The “me” time now becomes “we” time. You can now put your full concentration on the workout where it belongs.

2. Help Stay On Track: Consistency is the key to achieving the healthy and fit body you want. Your partner can help you stay committed to that nutrition and training program by offering support, accountability and motivation. Supporting one another to stay on track when you don’t feel like working out or eating the right thing will go a long way in living a successful healthy lifestyle. Plus having someone who knows what your goal is and and how you are attempting to achieve it increases your chances for fitness success.

3. Trust: If you don’t take certain precautions it is very easy to get injured while working out. Relationships are built on trust and having a trustworthy fitness partner on a daily basis can help you avoid those injury pitfalls. You no longer have to ask some random person for a spot with the hopes that they don’t get distracted or walk away in the middle of your set. Is there anyone more reliable than your partner to give you a spot on an exercise? Plus you always have someone who can monitor your exercise form and give you honest feedback. Not to mention you have your own personal photographer/videographer who you can trust to take images of your best side!

4. Better Romantic Relationships:
Having the object of your desire as your workout partner may crank up that libido and lead to a better sexual relationship. Exercise produces endorphins that stimulate the release of sex hormones.
Exercising on a regular basis increases self-esteem, energy, strength and endurance; all of these are factors in having a better sexual relationship. Don’t you think if your partner has a more appealing body it will boost your passion for him or her! It sure will.

5. Couples – who work out spend more time together.
Some of the most common complaints in a relationship are that we don’t share enough quality time together or that we never talk! Working out together provides you the opportunity to enjoy many physical activities together and more time for communication.
Life will be more fun as a couple if you are both enjoying physical activities like hiking swimming, biking, rock climbing or even just your basic treadmill workout.

I just scratched the surface when it comes to reasons to work out as a couple. However these 5 reasons should get you moving and motivated to join forces with your partner and become the Ultimate Couple.

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