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Have a Ball Burning Calories with These 3 Power Moves

Have a Ball Burning Calories with These 3 Power Moves

Are you bored with your current workout? Why not mix it up a little and ditch those machines and weights for a medicine ball. Med balls have been around since the ancient Greeks and there is a reason athlete and your every day fitness enthusiasts still use them to this day; because they work. Athletes have used them to build speed, flexibility and power to enhance on the field play. People in general use them because med balls mix cardio and resistance moves to help build strength and blast fat. You can work your entire body, build strength, and increase your stamina.

Don’t be intimidated if you have never tried med ball slams before. The balls come in different weights/sizes to accommodate your fitness level so you don’t need to use the heaviest ball to have a great workout. The exercises are not difficult to perform; if you can throw a ball you can do med ball training. If you are a newbie then start with a light ball and focus on good form and technique. Once you have it down and your ready to increase the intensity of the workout then just choose a heavier ball.

Once you get into a groove med ball training is a lot of fun and a great way to get in shape. You can incorporate it into your daily fitness regimen or perform it once in awhile to break up your normal routine. Whatever the case may be have fun! The more fun you have the more you will want to do it, which means results!

Below are a couple of examples of specific types of med ball training that both professional athletes and every day individuals do.

1.Overhead Med Ball Slam

It’s as simple as this: Grab a specific sized med ball that you’re comfortable with. For men, I would recommend 12 lbs. For women, 6-8 lbs. Reach over your head, stand on your toes, and slam into the ground. I must warn you though: be careful, as the ball will jolt back at you, resulting in your nose looking like mine. Perform anywhere from 2-3 sets of ten repetitions.

2, Side Med Ball Toss

You’re basically throwing the ball sideways as if you were doing a side pass into a wall. Rotate your upper body to where you’re passing the ball back and forth off the wall or to a partner. Do 2-3 sets of ten repetitions.

3. Standing Med Ball Chest Pass

Stand facing a wall or a partner. Try and knock the wall or your partner down (depending on what you have access to). Perform 2-3 sets of ten repetitions.

These are three great ways to develop speed and power on different planes. If you’d like to do all three in the same workout, try doing one to two sets apiece. This is a full body workout. No matter what exercise you are using, you are utilizing your legs, your core and your upper body. There is also a cardiovascular component because trust me, you’re going to feel your heart rate elevated. Give this a shot.

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