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Crunch Your Way to Better Abs

Eating right and being in the gym is only one part of having an incredible midsection. If you want to have the sort of abdominals that draw attention and give a tremendous sense of pride, then you need go the extra mile in your training.

Core specific training focused upon hitting all major elements of the abdominal wall with both weighted and unweighted movements is critical to developing abs that pop! The core itself is a series of layers designed to allow for maximum human movement in any direction as well as resist against unwanted deviations.

These separate areas, from deepest in the body to most superficial, are:

  • Transverse Abdominus
  • Internal and External Obliques
  • Serratus Anterior
  • Rectus Abdominals

Understanding that each region needs specific attention for maximum development will ensure that your abdominal program is one which doesn’t lack in intensity, or results. When addressing each of these muscle groups with the following exercises be sure to focus on smooth controlled repetitions with defined end-points (obvious pauses), or in the case of the planks – a rigid body that is maximizing tension.


Look below to see a menu of exercises for each group –

  • Transverse Abdominus
    • Standard Planks, RKC Planks, Plank Saws/Rockers, Abdominal Roll Outs, Hollow Holds/Rockers
  • Internal and External Obliques
    • Half-Kneeling High-Low Chop, Standing Wood Chops, Kettlebell Windmill, Russian Twists, Side Plank and Tucks
  • Serratus Anterior
    • Wide bar Sit-Ups, Wide Scapular Elevations, Standing Single Arm Level Chop, Push to Pull Under
  • Rectus Abdominals
    • Upper – Flat Back Toe Touches, Crunches, Double Crunches
    • Lower – Hanging/Captains Chair/Lying Leg Raises, Flutter Kicks, Double Crunches
      Incorporating at least one exercise from each of the muscles during your workouts will ensure that you are training your core in an appropriate inside-out manner. This enhances posture, performance, and aesthetics all at once.

      Aim to complete three to four sets of an exercise for twenty seconds before adding in other exercises that fit under the umbrella of that particular muscle group. Mix in weights when you feel comfortable doing so, but don’t overdo it.

      Build the abs of your dreams one repetition at a time.




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