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Essential K-12 Supply Kits for Back-to-School on Amazon

back to school supplies

Here’s three great back-to-school kits we found on Amazon that are great to kick off the school year. Whether you’re a parent that’s crunched for time or a teacher looking to get some extra supplies, you’re a few clicks away from having most of your supply check list complete and delivered to your doorstep. We’ve got you covered!

1. Back-To-School Supply Box Grades K-5 – 32 Pieces

Back to School shopping is simple with this K-4 school supply pack, perfect for the first day of elementary school.

  • Contains quality, brand name art supplies including (1) Plastic Pencil Box (1) 10pk Crayola Markers, (1) 24pk Crayola Crayons, (1) 12pk Colored Pencils, & (3) Elmer’s Glue Sticks
  • Supply box also includes (10) #2 pencils, (5) rubber pencil top erasers, (1) rubber eraser, (1) pencil sharpener, (1) pair of scissors, (2) comfortable pencil grips, & (1) standard 12 inch ruler
  • Kit also contains (1) wide-ruled spiral notebook, (1) wide-ruled composition book, & (2) 2-pocket folders with metal prongs
  • Great first day kit for a kindergartner, first grader, second grader, third grader, or fourth grade


2. Back-To-School Supplies Pack, 3rd Through 5th Grades

  • Contains 2 notebooks, 3 pocket folders, 150 sheets paper, 1 composition book, 3 black and 2 red pens
  • Also contains Crayola 24 ct crayons, Crayola 12 ct long colored pencils, Crayola markers, 100 ruled 3 x 5 index cards, facial tissue
  • Plus scissors, highlighter, a pink bevel eraser, pencil top erasers, pencil bag, Dixon pencils, sharpener, Elmer’s glue stick, ruler
  • Bonus fun pen and pencil!
  • Great kit for a third, fourth, or fifth grade student


3. 45 Piece School Supply Kit Grades K-12

  • 45 PIECE SET: Bulk pack contains everything your K-12 students need to get organized & start the school year off right
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: 5 # 2 pencils, pencil sharpener with lid cover, canvas pencil case, 5 ink pens (black, red, & blue ink), 5 (primary colors) colored pencils, 3 highlighters, 4 paper pocket folders, non-toxic wax crayons, righty/lefty scissors, 4 art erasers, 2 1-subject notebooks, composition book, 2 glue sticks, & standard/metric ruler!
  • BASIC SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Why shop & pay separately for 1 of every essential for your kids when you can get them all in 1 convenient packaged set?
  • DETAILS: Products are safety compliant and made for kids! Highlighters are water-based, pencil sharpener collects shavings, scissors are made for little hands, “lead” pencils are graphite, ruler measures inches and centimeters both, & can be tucked into a 3-ring binder (spiral notebooks too!), rubber erasers work well as art erasers or for small/big mistakes, & zipper pencil holder stores all included accessories!
  • PERFECT FOR TEACHERS & PARENTS: Whether your child is homeschooled or goes off to preschool, kindergarten, 1st-5th grades, or middle school (junior high), or even summer camp, this school supply pack is ideally suited to meet their needs as they grow & learn


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