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Fight-Ready Fitness: Train like Mayweather & McGregor

Fight-Ready Fitness: Train like Mayweather & McGregor

It’s the event of our generation. A legendary boxer meets a skilled mixed-martial arts fighter. Which style prevails in the squared circle where conflicts and contemplations can be settled?

No matter what happens this Saturday night, it is certain that the battle has drawn more attention to combat sports, and more specifically, how these athletes prepare for them. Whether it is a desire to see what you’ve got in the fighting arena, or a desire to utilize boxing and martial arts to further refine your fitness and realize your goals – it is certain that you’ve come to the right place.


Boxing is a stand up sport that relies on sturdy legs, quick feet and hands, and core musculature that can deliver power on demand.

There are four major punches in boxing – the jab, cross, hook, and uppercut. Each of these punches come from a different place in regards to your stance and arm angle, and so utilizing them all allows you to train all of your body’s musculature and torch your core.

  • Numbering these punches 1-4 and running various combinations is fun and challenging, but working your way through ten repetitions of each as you work up and down the scale can set your metabolism on fire and chisel your arms.

Your foot work should be small, quick, and operate in three-dimensions. This means you should be stepping forwards and backwards, side-to-side, and even shuffle in a small circle as you try a different angle on your target.

  • Working on the jump rope and agility drills between rounds of boxing will continue to boost your cardio and keep torching the fat on your body.

Your hands should guard your face and your core should be ready to bend left, right, forwards and backwards in between throws.

  • Working on guarding techniques with someone as well as hitting general abdomen exercises will reveal those core muscles you’ve been searching for and push you to your thresholds.

Mixed Martial Arts

Now we add in kicks, ground techniques, and even some wrestling. Mixed Martial Arts couldn’t be more different if you are actually training for a fight, but in regards to training for fitness, it is actually quite similar.

The addition of kicks, such as the front kick, roundhouse, jump kick, and various knee and elbow strikes open up a new realm of possibilities as you run combos and hit your scales.

  • Add these moves into your numerical system and feel your hips, legs, and glutes get stronger with each kick.

If you can utilize a ground-and-pound bag you can work on your ability to attack the ground and unleash a flurry of knock-out strikes. A sparring partner can also allow you to wrestle with them and work on classic techniques that have existed since the times of the Ancient Greeks.

  • Focus on doing this in rounds that allow you to go all out and recover. Don’t just keep going or else you’ll risk injury or not receive the benefits.

Wrapping it up

Both of these sports provide an opportunity to change your body and challenge your fitness. Don’t miss out on a chance to make your body chiseled, strong, and lightning quick.