FITCRUNCH Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

1. Where can you purchase a FITCRUNCH?

(Retailers -local and chain stores) Please visit for a list of all of our retailer partners.

5. Are FITCRUNCH products vegetarian?

No, our FITCRUNCH products are powered by Whey and Milk proteins.

6. Are FITCRUNCH products Soy free?

Our FITCRUNCH protein puffs, protein powder, and protein bark are soy free. Our protein bars are not Soy free and contain Soy Protein Isolate.

7. Are FITCRUNCH products Gluten Free?

Yup! Our bars, powders, and puffs are gluten free. Bark, nope.

8. Do FITCRUNCH contain GMOs or bioengineered ingredients?

Our FITCRUNCH powder and puffs are NON-GMO. Our protein bars may be produced with genetic engineering, yet none of the ingredients used are declared GMO.

9. Are FITCRUNCH products Kosher?

The only FITCRUNCH product that is Kosher is our protein puffs. Learn more here .

10. Do FITCRUNCH products contain any common allergens such as Dairy, Nuts, Wheat, etc.?

Yes, FITCRUNCH products contain Milk, Soy, Almond, and Peanut depending on the product. Always check the ingredient list before purchasing.

11. Do FITCRUNCH products need to be refrigerated?

FITCRUNCH products do not need to be refrigerated, yet the bars should be stored at or below room temperature 21 °C (70 °F) to guarantee freshness.

12. What is the shelf life of FITCRUNCH products?

Our protein bars have an 18 months shelf life. All of our other products have a 12 month shelf life.

13. What makes the FITCRUNCH products different from other nutrition products?

We pride ourselves on delivering the most delicious eating experiences that you’ll find in high protein, low sugar products. And oh yeah, all of our products are developed and approved by a celebrity chef.

14. Are FITCRUNCH products appropriate for kids to eat?

Yes, all of our products are perfect for the entire family. As with any food, FITCRUNCH should be enjoyed in moderation. Please review the nutrition facts before enjoying.

15. When should you eat a FITCRUNCH bar?

You can enjoy FITCRUNCH just about anytime. Try it post workout to refuel, as a snack between meals, and any other time when you need protein on the go.

16. Do you accept flavor suggestions?

Yes, we are always open to receiving suggestions from our consumers. Please contact

17. Is your packing recyclable?

Our foil wraps are not recyclable, but our boxes are.

18. Where are FITCRUNCH products made?

FITCRUNCH products are made in U.S.A. in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

19. How can I become a FITCRUNCH ambassador?

You can submit an application for consideration at

20. How can I work with FITCRUNCH?

You can submit a proposal for review through customer service at