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Hacks While Packing Your Kids Lunch

Back to School: Prepping your kids’ lunches with ease

Between soccer practice, homework help and multiple schedules to balance, there’s no time to waste during the school year.

Instead of taking the quick route and tossing a lunchable in your child’s lunchbox, these simple tips will help you save time and send your little ones off with a lunch that’ll have other parents envious.

1. Prepare the same foods for you and your children

We often think kids need some kind of special food. You know, something that’s “fun-sized”, brightly colored or flavored like something that’s not even real (what exactly is unicorn flavor?). Whatever mom and dad are packing for lunch should be the same thing the kids get.

Let’s say you prepared shredded crockpot chicken. Perhaps mom and dad make salads. Pack a high-fiber tortilla for the little ones with toppings they love to build their own burrito.


2. Pack all lunches at once.

This rule comes in handy if you have multiple children. Sunday’s are typically the day of choice most families destress and minimize obligations. Take an hour and pack a week’s worth of lunches.

Plus, while you’re doing that, you can also get started prepping dinner by marinating meat, baking potatoes for roasting veggies. That way, food is ready to go after a long day for all.

3. Get the family involved.

Instead of taking on the lunch packing task by yourself, have your kids help you by chopping veggies, assembling sandwiches or simply keeping you company in the kitchen.

4. Utilize leftovers.

There are no reason leftovers should be saved for the next weeknight only. The next time you make spaghetti and meatballs, double up on the meatballs. You can make subs for the kids and toss some over veggies for you.

5. Build balance.

When you are building lunches, always prioritize protein. While a peanut butter and jelly sandwich might be easy, it’s high on fats and carbs. Instead of chips, toss in some FitCrunch protein puffs for a healthy, high-protein alternative. With flavors like barbeque and cheddar, they’re reminiscent of your favorite childhood snack. You could also throw in a FitCrunch brownie for a sweet treat, because every child (and grown up) needs dessert.

With these simple tips and time savers, you should feel confident that your kids will open their lunchboxes to a wholesome meal that was put together stress-free.

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