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Holiday Snacks FIT For The Whole Family

1.  FITCRUNCH Protein Puffs

FITCRUNCH® high protein puffs are great for all chip lovers looking for a healthier alternative to satisfy their crunch and hunger. These puffs are packed with 20 grams of superior protein while releasing intense flavor without any of the guilt. Chef Robert Irvine uses simple ingredients that deliver nothing but delicious puffed goodness. These puffs are fit-friendly, gluten free, non-GMO, soy free, have no sugar alcohols, no trans fats, no artificial flavors, no artificial colors and no artificial sweeteners. That is not all, toss these bad boys on top of salad or get the fam smashing to bread some chicken. This extra flavor will add bold to any recipe and will leave the family wanting more.


2.  FITCRUNCH Chocolate Peanut Protein Bark

Let’s be honest, when it comes to the holiday’s sweets are on everyone’s mind. FITCRUNCH® developed Whey Protein Bark that offers a mouthful of decadence and takes you on a delicious, crunchy and chocolatey expedition without any remorse. Freeze them with your favorite ice cream, dip them in some peanut butter, or take the bag with you to the couch. FITCRUNCH® makes you feel good about satisfying your sweet tooth without any of the junk like sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners and colors. Check out your local Walmart or and stock up before the holidays.


3.  Skinny Pop Popcorn

Click on a movie and pile around the couch, this popcorn is a perfect fit for the whole family. Watching holiday movies is what most families look forward to around this time of year, and what is a movie without popcorn? SkinnyPop offers you multiple different flavors to choose from and fights the stigma of popcorn being “bad”. 150 calories for almost four whole cups of popcorn, sounds good to me! Head to the store, and stock up your pantry. 25 days of Christmas is around the corner!


4.  Halo Top Ice cream

Face the facts Ice cream is a must around the holidays. A scoop of vanilla ice cream on a warm apple pie is practically irresistible. Although 1,120 calories for a pint of Ben and Jerrys ice cream turns many people away. Luckily Halo Top made an ice cream that conquers those cravings and gives you the ability to not turn the other way. Only 280-360 calories for a pint of Ice cream!! You are going to have to lock up the freezer because the whole family is going to want to spoon into these!


5.  FITCRUNCH Snack Size Bars

This generation everyone is on-the-go, even around the holidays that is why FITCRUNCH® came out with snack size bars that FIT perfect for any occasion. All six flavors- Peanut butter, Birthday Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Carmel Peanut, or Cinnamon Twist can all be enjoyed with only 3 grams of sugar! Yes, you heard correct- Only 3 grams of sugar and 16 grams a protein. Stocking up your pantry before the family fly’s in will result in less hangry relatives and more satisfied cravings

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