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It’s Okay, Try Again – How to Build a Fit Lifestyle that Sticks Once and For All

If your New Year’s resolution hasn’t turned out the way you expected, don’t worry there is still time to get back on track. Most people who are overweight and out of shape have tried to get fit at some point and let’s be honest not everyone succeeds. What are some of the reasons some people are more successful than others? Is it the workout program they are following or maybe it is the food they are putting in their body. Of course both of these things play a huge factor in success and failure but it goes beyond that. You can have the best program in the world but unless you are properly motivated to execute that program on a consistent basis you will not be successful. In the highly successful and informative book Robert Irvine author of Fit Fuel, “A chefs guide to eating well, getting fit and living your best life believes that the mind follows the body and the body follows the mind. He says, in order to flourish, life demands balance. You have to get you mind and body on the same page or you will never be successful. Robert says the people who fail usually follow this very common cycle.

  1. They Change Everything At Once- a person has a goal in mind and resolves to do whatever it takes every day to achieve it. In fitness, this often takes form of a complete beginner deciding to go to the gym every single day and greatly reduce calorie intake from previous norms.
  2. They Burn Out To Fast – The individual pours an excessive amount of energy into the initial efforts, which exhaust them because the plan (e.g., go to the gym every day for two hours) is too ambitious. Proper recovery time isn’t allowed for either, so they quickly become even more tired and run-down. And since they haven’t broken their goal into small, achievable steps they can continue to follow in a sensible way. enthusiasm begins to diminish.
  3. They fail- they then start over again the same way- The individual meets with failure (usually in the form of a weekend eating and/or drinking binge), and the aggressive diet and training plan becomes a distant memory. Eventually, frustration reminds them of how dissatisfied they are, and brings them back to #1. Of course, if concrete changes haven’t been made, the next go-round proves even more difficult. the wound of failure is fresh, and the idea of traveling the same road again is even more disheartening.

Does any of that sound like something you’ve experienced?
There’s a way to beat the cycle needlessly tearing down so many well-intentioned folks. Do you want the steps to follow for success then you can get the Robert Irvine author of Fit Fuel, “A chefs guide to eating well, getting fit and living your best life has put together on This book is packed from cover to cover with information and inspiration, Fit fuel can change your life whether you’re looking to maximize your fitness level or so stuck that you have a heard time even looking into the mirror. Wherever you are in life, when you’re finally ready to achieve your full potential, Fit Fuel awaits.


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