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The No Excuse Workout

The No Excuse Workout

You’ve been training for a while, haven’t you?

You’ve been pushing yourself with every deadlift, overhead press, burpee, and tire flip that’s out there. You’ve got the right shoes, shirts you’ve sweat through a thousand times, and perfect callouses on your hands to show your love for the barbell.

But you want more…right?

You want a challenge like none other. You want a workout that leaves you no room for quitting and makes you question what all your training was about prior to now.

Look no further than here, as this program is a sure-fire way to make you push yourself to your limits and exceed beyond your own imagination. This is:

Diablo’s Density Circuits

Firstly, let’s establish what density is and how it differs from “as many reps as possible” (AMRAP).

Density is a measure of how much work you’ve done in a particular amount of time. It takes into account the load you’ve used, how many repetitions you’ve done, and the time you’ve allotted yourself. There is no care for sets, or “rounds”. There is simply a load that you’ll lift, and a time that you’ll do it for.

Now, it’s important to establish that density does not come at the expense of quality loads that challenge you to really focus on your technique. This isn’t just throwing a weight around recklessly until you are tired. It is a tactical calculation of how many repetitions you can realistically do during a ‘set” in order to push yourself, but not fry yourself. You always want to leave a repetition in the tank.

A density circuit involves four to five movements that challenge the body in different ways, but don’t necessarily impact each other negatively. Therefore, you won’t see any burpees or random sprints before your deadlifts. You’re going to do better than that.

Let’s look at the workout:

Circuit 1 (25 Minutes)

  1. Deadlifts at 85% Max (4 to 6 Reps)
  2. DB Overhead Press at 80% Max (10 Reps)
  3. Abdominal Rollouts at Bodyweight (15 Reps)
  4. Cable Rows at 75% Max (15 reps)
  5. Medicine Ball Slams (8 Reps)

Circuit 2 (20 Minutes)

  1. DB Goblet Squats x 80% Max (10 reps) with a 2 second tempo (2.2.2)
  2. DB Chest Press x 90% Max (2 to 4 reps)
  3. Chin Up/Pullups/Lat Pulldowns (5 to 10 reps)
  4. Cable Wood Chops x 65% Max (12 to 15 reps)
  5. Plank Saws x 30 seconds

Closing Circuit (5 Minutes)

  1. DB Lateral Raises x 70% Max (15 Reps)
  2. DB Biceps Curl x 70% Max (15 Reps)
  3. DB Close Grip Bench Press x 70% Max (15 reps)

The Sprint (10 Minutes)

  1. Treadmill (6.0 Incline) at Normal Running Pace with a 10 second sprint every minute on the minute

This workout is not easy. It is not for those who aren’t ready. Yet, if you are that person who wants a challenge, then here it is. Go for it and make the most of your workout and your body.

Focus on the quality of repetitions instead how many rounds you can complete. No one gets better when they do things sloppy. Excellence comes from a constant application of awesome.