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Success Begins at the end of your Comfort Zone


We all try to avoid discomfort, but that’s where all truly great things happen.


In the last two years, I’ve had the great pleasure to see several enormous projects come to fruition: Robert Irvine’s Fresh Kitchen, a first of its kind healthy eatery opened inside the Pentagon; I authored Fit Fuel, a book focused on my passions for eating well and training hard; I launched Robert Irvine Magazine to further explore that territory; I started my own syndicated daytime talk show; and just this summer I opened Robert Irvine’s Public House, a brand new restaurant at the Tropicana in Las Vegas.

I also traveled the world with the USO, met thousands of brave men and women, and was blessed to be able to entertain them for a short while. There were dozens more “firsts” in that time – too many to list, to be honest. But none of them would have happened if I had sought comfort instead of adventure, and settled for “good enough” instead of greatness. My life wasn’t always this way. Ten years ago, I didn’t spend 300 days of the year on the road, helping and entertaining folks from all walks of life. But a funny thing happened: I stepped outside my comfort zone and started doing things I’d never done before. Wouldn’t you know it: I started getting results I had never gotten before, too.

It’s not a difficult concept to grasp. As the saying goes, to get what you’ve never had, you need to be willing to do the things you’ve never done. This goes for all manner of goals: fitness, personal finance, career, relationship – anything. I know that it’s scary to take that first step. To put yourself out there in uncharted territory with nothing to hold onto. But here’s the magical thing: once you get outside of your comfort zone and you make something good happen, you’re going to like it – and you’re going to want to stay there. You’ll actually get… comfortable there.

So, if you’re hitting the gym today, I want you to try a new workout or exercise you’ve never tried before. At work, I want you to put in an extraordinary effort or suggest a new, untested idea. At home, I want you to go above and beyond for your family in a way that you might not have done in the past – especially when you’re tired after a long day. Whatever it is, set a positive intention and do something radically new.

I’ll bet you anything that it’ll feel amazing. It might even change your life.

Yours in health,