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The Power Of Mom

It’s a given that if it weren’t for your mom, you wouldn’t be here on Earth. For many people if it weren’t for their mom they wouldn’t be the person they grew up to become. Mothers are the backbones of the family. From kissing the boo-boos to making selfless sacrifices to better the lives of their children.

Today we see superheroes on the big screen, like Wonder Woman, that have extraordinary powers to save the day— or in some cases the universe. Moms are the real-life superheroes that have a superpower called love. Their power not only saved the day for so many of us growing up, but also set a course for us to live better lives.

On this Mother’s Day, Robert Irvine shared a heartwarming story from his childhood when his mother bought him his first weight set. Here is an excerpt from the letter featured in the 2018 May issue of Robert Irvine Magazine.

“There’s one story about my mother that comes up again and again. In every interview when a reporter asks me about my training routine and what got me into lifting weights, I tell them the short answer: fitness magazines piqued my interest, and my mother did the rest, buying me my first weight set.

The long answer, and the part I don’t often have time to tell, involves the fact that she didn’t exactly have the money to get me that weight set. We lived in a simple council flat in Crumpsall Manchester, England. Walter, my father, was a painter. Pat, my mother, was a bartender. We were not destitute by any means but we certainly didn’t indulge in luxury purchases. Since my parents grew up in an era when weightlifting was an alien concept, they could have easily told me to find another habit and move on. There was just no need for me to have it.

But I was blessed with a mother who paid close attention to me; she saw that my interest in weight lifting wasn’t a passing fancy and that it had ignited my imagination and motivated me in a healthy way. So she scoured the classified ads…”  CLICK HERE to read the entire story in the 2018 May issue of Robert Irvine Magazine


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