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Top 5 Fun Outdoor Workouts

Top 5 Fun Outdoor Workouts

The summer sun pushes high into the sky and the temperature rises all around you. You could make it like any other day and pack your gym bag and head off to your favorite facility to throw around the weights, do some cardio, or some variation of the lot. Or, you could switch things up, boost your vitamin D intake, and get your sweat on outside. Enjoy what’s left of the summer and get out!

Here are 5 great ways to boost your fitness, your fun and your tan:

  1. Hiking

Getting out into the great outdoors and traversing rocks, fallen timber, and the sudden changes in elevation can be extremely challenging. More importantly, it can be incredibly refreshing to put your physical talents to use in the aura of nature. Moving as you hear the sounds of birds, feel the rough rocks under your hands, and breathe heavily as you navigate a scramble is hard to beat.

Find a local trail, bring some friends and spend your weekend working in nature, instead of spending another day indoors.

  1. Swimming

Whether it is your pool, a local pool, a lake, or an ocean – being in the water is great for the body and the mind. Survival is why we developed the ability to navigate the water in the first place, but it take very long for humans to also realize that they enjoyed being in the water.

Firstly, the resistance that water provides against the body is constant, so it always working. Moreover, it is fluid, which decreases impact on the joints and allows you to work harder longer.

You can swim laps in a pool, play and swim in a lake, or work against the waves in your closest ocean. Each provides a muscular and metabolic challenge you’ll enjoy.

  1. Beach Volleyball

Volleyball is an extremely athletic sport as is, but adding in the reality of sand makes it a truly athletic game. The quick sprints, jumps, and even dives have your body moving aggressively in every plane of motion. The subtle movements needed to control the ball challenge your neuromuscular system, and the pace of the game gets your metabolism revving.

You don’t need to live at a beach in order to play either as many local parks have beach courts tucked away that often host leagues, or pick up leagues if you look for them.

  1. Local Bootcamps

Sure, boot camps are in line with many of things you normally do when you are at your local gym, but they feel radically different once you take them outdoors. Many trainers enjoy doing boot camps outdoors for the environment, the community, and the profitability.

Search your local area for a respected trainer with a big following and jump on in. You’ll take that HIIT workout you’ve been doing inside to the outdoors and find yourself having a blast while doing it.

  1. Bike Rides

Many people own bikes, but so few actually ride them. A good intention that often stays hanging on the garage wall – a bicycle is a tremendous tool to train your body outdoors. Whether it is a fun ride with your kids, or going aggressive on a 50 mile journey with your competitive friends – you can get results.

Be sure to get a bike fitted for you and look into shoes that clip in order to protect your knees and ankles. You can a tremendous time riding around your town, city, or on the winding roads to nowhere.

Don’t just sweat inside this summer. Get out there and have a great time because before you know, winter will be here!