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Top 5 Tailgating Tips

Top 5 Tailgating Tips

As football season comes to the forefront of our sporting focus, so too does the fun of a great tailgate. You’ve got friends tossing the football, playing cornhole, and talking smack about the rivals for hours – all before you head inside the stadium and watch your team (hopefully) dominate its competition.

Yet, it isn’t just a social hour. There is beer, and nachos, grilled sausages, and wings. All delicious for certain, but nutritious? Probably not.

So, here is a primer guide for how to navigate your next tailgates and be sure to have all the fun possible, while still sticking with your diet and improving your body.

  1. Never Show Up Hungry
    1. Hunger in the body is a very dangerous signal. It used to be about survival, but now it simply leads to overindulging on foods that aren’t good for us, simply because our brains are no longer factoring in what is best for us – we just want food.
    2. Eat a healthy meal that consists of two or three vegetables and a sturdy serving of protein (about thirty grams) prior to going to your tailgate. This will fill you up, provide great nutrition, and help you avoid picking at every snack food while you wait for the grilled stuff.
  1. Drink 1 Water for every alcoholic beverage
    1. Don’t confuse your beer for hydration. All too often when we drink alcohol we forget to hydrate with water as well. This leads to painful hangovers, upset stomachs, and an overconsumption of libations due to us being thirsty.
    2. Every time you finish your drink, be sure to follow it with a water of equal size. This will ensure that you do not dehydrate, as well as help you limit your total alcohol intake so you don’t become “that person” at the tailgate, or worse, remain inebriated when it is time to go home.
  1. Pack your snacks
    1. Chips and salsa are tasty, and so are those dips your friend’s brought. Yet, all that fat and sugar are going to ruin your intentions for the best body ever. So, pack some vegetables, fruits, and nuts that you can chomp down on while everyone else is digging in the snacks.
    2. Making your own trail mix can be a winning move for so many reasons: You can control the ingredients and make it to taste exactly how you’d like. A great recipe: Granola crumbles, walnuts, almonds, peanuts, raisins, and ginger chews.
  1. Focus on the Grill
    1. Whether you’re outside at your tailgate, or inside the stadium – order the meats that have been grilled. Avoid the deep fried chicken tenders, French fries, and other things that are going to be soaked in fat and salts.
    2. Eating a hamburger isn’t bad for you if it’s quality meat, and the same goes with chicken, pork, and fish. So, emphasize eating what’s grilled and you’ll stay full, stay strong, and best of all – avoid clogging those arteries.
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Tailgates are a rite of passage and one of the most fun ways to spend your time during the fall. Yet, far too many people see them as a license to treat their body like a trash can and just throw anything they want in it. You are going to be better than that. These strategies will be the clutch player to help you win it all.