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Train Like A Pro

Train Like A Pro

Fall’s in full swing and so is your fantasy football team. Don’t spend another year being a couch-coach for your team. Get out there and join them. Sure, you might not get a roster spot, or even be let on the field by the security team, but that doesn’t mean you can’t train like they do in your own terms.

Let’s train you like an athlete. Let’s elevate your workouts and put you on a new trend – complete athleticism and physique development. In order to do this, we need to address your strength, power, speed, and agility with laser focus and produce results!


Your strength comes from exercises such as the deadlift, bench press, overhead press, squat, row, and any variation of the chin up or pull-up. These movements demand many parts of the body to produce high levels of force in an effort to overcome the resistance you’ve placed on yourself.

The key is to load these movements with weights that cause you to reach exhaustion between repetition number 2 and 5. It is this training range that is best known for causing strength adaptations in the body due to the high loads that are used for training. It is important to take enough rest, usually sixty seconds or more, in between each set.

Train these movements at least three times a week with varying levels of loads (between that 2 repetition and 5 repetition range) and watch as your body gets stronger in no time.


Power, like strength, requires higher loads to develop. The key here though, is to go just light enough that you can move the resistance faster through space. Exercises such as box jumps, power cleans, push press, and medicine ball throws can lead to explosiveness and elite athleticism.

Still train these movements with a repetition range of 3 to 5. We do not want to over exert the body during power training, instead preferring to get maximum benefit (power), and rest. Much like football, power exercises are done in spurts and should be train three times a week (usually before strength work).


Speed is a derivative of power. It is that ability to run as fast as you can and maintain such speed for a period of time. Running sprints in a weighted vest can help add precious seconds to your time and improve your ability to accelerate in space.

Sprints in general are your best avenue for speed training as they are utilizing the fast twitch fibers responsible for your output. Other great training avenues include utilizing technique moves to improve your ability to run in general. A poor stride does not produce elite speed, and so you want to make sure every step is your best foot forward. You should train speed twice a week.


Speaking of feet, an elite NFL athlete has some of the finest footwork you’ll see in all of sports. Playing a sport in three dimensions at the speed with which they do requires incredible precision and quickness with the feet.

You too can develop your footwork and do ladder drills, cone drills, as well as shuttles in an effort to work on your ability to stop and start quickly, change directions, and flow seamlessly through movements. You’ll notice that your running speed will improve, your power will improve, and ultimately your strength – so agility often has an effect on all aspects of your performance. You should train your agility at least twice a week.

Wrapping it up

Above you have some of the best focuses to improve your performance and train like an NFL player. Want to know the best part that hasn’t even been mentioned yet?

You’ll torch fat, build muscle, and completely reshape your body in the process of aiming to be a better performer. It’s the ultimate win: look and play good.