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Train Like a Soldier

Train Like a Soldier

Known for unshakeable valor and a concrete commitment to country, our military personnel are driven by a calling that extends well beyond “just another day at work”. The sacrifice, courage, and selflessness is something that each of us can strive to embrace in our own lives. Beyond these personality traits and strong disposition also lies incredible physical prowess and an unwavering dedication to personal improvement via fitness. The countless hours of pushups, sit-ups, and pullups create muscular endurance. The long runs, ruck carries, marches, and the obstacle courses develop elite cardiovascular fitness and complete mastery over human movement. Lastly, the additional hours spent moving weights, doing yoga, or practicing hand-hand combat skills provides a level of refinement and polish. Now, embracing this commitment to physical growth and development doesn’t require you to sign up at your local recruiter. In fact, the workout below is designed to challenge you as though you were in uniform. The mental grit, the physical push, and the desire to finish on top is what will get you to the end. Your efforts serve to honor the thousands who serve, have served, and will serve our military. This is your chance to train like a soldier. Go and get it! This workout is a modified density circuit that pushes all systems of the body to the limit. Your strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness will have a place in this workout. Rules of the Workout:

  1. Time is the primary variable –
    • Beginners should shoot for 20 minutes total per circuit
    • Intermediate should shoot for 25 minutes total per circuit
    • Advanced trainees should shoot for 30 minutes total per circuit.
  2. Each circuit consists of 4 to 6 Exercises done in consecutive fashion, each to the point just before We don’t want anyone exercise to finish you off
  3. The goal is to stay “in-motion” for as long as you can during the workout, while maintaining the quality of your repetitions and exercise performance.
    • No sloppy repetitions or bad movements – excellence comes from perfect practice
  4. For loaded movements, such as deadlifts and squats, choose a weight that you will fatigue within the range of repetitions, but can maintain throughout the entire circuit.
    • AKA – 315 pounds on a deadlift for 3-5 repetitions EACH time the deadlift tis performed.

  Circuit 1 – (20/25/30 Minutes)

  • Barbell Deadlift – 3 to 5 repetitions
  • Push Ups – 15 to 20 repetitions
  • Bent Over DB Row – 8 to 10 repetitions
  • Weighted Vest Sprints (on mild incline) – 30 seconds max effort
  • Lateral Bench Hops – 12 repetitions
  • Cable Wood-chops – 10 repetitions per side

Circuit 2 – (20/25/30 Minutes)

  • DB Goblet Squat – 6 to 8 repetitions
  • DB Famer’s Carries – maximum length grip can handle
  • Pull Ups – 4 to 8 repetitions (if you can do more – slow down the repetition speed).
  • Lying V-Ups – 20 to 30 repetitions
  • Plank Saw – 30 seconds

Final Cardio – (to completion) 3 Mile Incline Jog (with added weight if possible). Elite fitness comes from pushing yourself, your energy systems, and your willpower to the limit. The military regularly challenges its soldiers to go towards uncomfortable and adapt, so that they can better serve our Nation, and protect us from threats. You too can be elite. It isn’t about signing up and serving yourself. Rather, it is the commitment to do better in your workouts, so that you can better serve all those who matter in your life!